Kiah is one of the only companies in Hong Kong that plans, designs and oversees every element of a luxury destination wedding at private villas and resorts serving Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand.

Founded by Amy Fung, Kiah Weddings are tailor-made to ensure the uniqueness of each celebration; and to guarantee that every single element reflects a couple’s individuality, personalities, styles, and passions.

At Kiah, a wedding is more than just beautiful decorations and a fancy atmosphere. Kiah’s mission is to help tell a story, a story of how two people fell in love. An immersive tale that’s reflected in each and every item, from the invitation’s design or the colour choice for a bouquet of flowers, to the venue’s overall decoration or the gown the bride will wear. It’s only by giving the intangible – a couple’s boundless love – physical form, can a wedding be a truly extraordinary experience. Most importantly, it’s Kiah’s belief in each and every couple’s story that makes Kiah weddings so unforgettable.


Thank you so much for visiting my site and congratulations to those who have recently got engaged! It is such exciting times!

Since Kiah is a wedding planning & design boutique, I like to take on a limited number of weddings each year so that I can maintain the quality and personalized experience with my bride & groom-to-be.

Based in Hong Kong means I can really be with you every step of the way as well as meeting with you in person to keep you abreast of all details throughout the wedding planning process. Putting myself into the bride’s shoes, I cannot imagine not meeting the wedding planner until the big day for an overseas wedding.

Over half a decade of experience in outdoor destination weddings, I have developed rich local knowledge and strong partnership with suppliers and wedding professionals in Thailand. Being a native of Hong Kong and graduated at the acclaimed Central St. Martins Collage of Art & Design and lived in London for more than 12 years has inspired me creatively in bringing fresh new perspective for romantic and timeless weddings.

Wedding is my passion, leave all the stress to me and my supporting team and let me bring your dream destination wedding into reality.

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